What is Firmitas?

Firmitas enables critical systems to operate deterministically under any condition,
from Smart-Meters to Nuclear Reactors.

Real Time Prevention Technology


Protection by Prevention

The world’s first and only

Graphical Communication-Filter Generator

Support Any Vendor

Protect any system, using any protocol

The Technology

Firmitas focuses on Operational-Security rather than information or data security.
Firmitas’ ValidiGate is a disruptive solution providing operational assurance and cyber-security for industrial
and mission-critical systems.

Firmitas is an
easy-to-use, graphical
“Industrial Enforcer” generator.

Firmitas protects any
custom communication
as used by your systems
& devices.

Firmitas’ protection suite
enforces only pre-approved

ValidiGate Components

The easiest way to protect and get visibility across multiple systems and infrastructures.

Design your own security with Firmitas ValidiGate,
Generate an enforcing module and achieve visibility with real-time Monitoring.

Our Unique Approach

Next generation adaptable operational security for
mission-critical systems.

Software Solution

  • Platform Independent.
  • Easy and intuitive to integrate.
  • Can be installed on any operating system, platform, device or hardware.

Enforcing Operational Policies

  • Defined, per endpoint industrial system.
  • Future proof.
  • Deterministic security.
  • Eliminating the possibility of unknown-unknowns.

Inline Security

  • Per device.
  • Unmatched real-time protection.
  • Ensuring security isn’t bypassed.

Communication Level Inspection

  • Enables the highest level of operational security.
  • Eliminating unexpected communication, commands and data.

Per Device Tailored Configuration

  • Acts as the personal bodyguard of each endpoint device.
  • Defends each device based on its own unique deployment requirements.

Design Your Own Security

  • Relying on internal resources familiar with own systems.
  • Enable easy & visual definition of system’s own operational logic.

Applicable Across Multiple Verticals

All industries share one challenge,
protecting Single-Purpose Communication Devices.
Firmitas is the only solution which can protect ANY communication device.

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy & Oil & Gas

  • Industrial IoT & Smart Infrastructure

  • Transportation

  • Smart Grid Smart Buildings

  • Medical Devices Healthcare