About Firmitas

Firmitas Cyber Solutions is a technology company providing patent-pending
cyber-defense solutions. Our goal is protecting connected systems, and
specifically mission-critical systems.

By developing next-generation cyber defense
technologies for device-side (rather than
network-based) protection, we enable improved
efficiency and reduced exposure to cyber risks.

The cyber-protection can be applied to new
systems as well as existing deployments (retro-
fitting), thereby protecting systems, from remote
attacks, based on crafted-messages, via the
communication channels.

Annual Average SCADA Cyber Stats

The number of attack tools grows every year, as well as cyber incidents.









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Firmitas provides a next-generation Adaptable Operational-Security solution.
A new approach for cyber-defense based on process-oriented security rather
than information or data security. Instead of creating antidotes to specific
threats it works by enforcing a system's predefined design.

Any System, Any Vendor, Any Protocol

Long-Term Solution with Flexibility & Self-Reliance

Firmitas’ technology can support all vendors and protocols
since it allows users to graphically define their own protocols,
Thus, making it compatible to almost any industry.

Firmitas’ solution is free from the burden of signature-updates
and internet connectivity, making it is future-proof and providing
long-term protection, suitable to SCADA & ICS environments.

Industrial Leaders

firewalls generally do more to interfere with legitimate users than to stop hackers.

Terry Halvorsen

CIO @ The Pentagon

Attackers could shut down U.S. power-grid with cyber attack… it is only a matter of the when, not the if, that we are going to see something traumatic.

Michael Rogers

Director @ The NSA

Whether the computer is on a desk or in a medical device or in the engine of a jet airplane, that computer has to be designed to be as resistant to attack as possible.

Richard Hale

Former CIO @ The Pentagon

Cyber News

The following are a few selected news items which demonstrate the
current depth and exposure of SCADA environments to cyber-security risks.

  • 16.12.2016

    Nuclear power plants vulnerable to hacking attack in ‘nightmare scenario’, UN warns Experts fear ‘Fukushima-style’ disaster as terrorists use new technology to attempt attacks Ben…

  • 18.07.2016

    Air-gapping SCADA systems won’t help you, says man who knows Faizel Lahkani sounds bleak warning over future Stuxnet-style attacks. Hoping to keep industrial control systems…

  • 02.04.2017

    PLC Worms Can Pose Serious Threat to Industrial Networks Researchers have created an experimental worm that is capable of spreading from one programmable logic controller…