Firmitas ValidiGate

Firmitas’ solution is the world’s first and only adaptable communication enforcer,
which makes sure your system behaves ONLY as expected.


ValidiGate Studio –
a visual environment for
defining the target system
to be protected


ValidiGate Enforcer –
the smart communication filter,
protecting the target system


ValidiGate Monitor –
remote event aggregator,
dashboard and management panel

Any Communication
Protocol ( user definable )
Any Deviation
Deterministic Protection
( White-List based )
Physical Link
Trusted Visibility

ValidiGate Everywhere

Protect any device that communicates.
From an IoT gadget to Smart-City,
Smart Meters to Traffice Control.
Firmitas' product, Validigate is a
process oriented security solution.
Validigate can protect
new and legacy systems.
Validigate can be deployed anywhere.
As hardware, software/ Virtual Machine
and in the Cloud

Uniquely Flexible

Firmitas can be configured to protect any system, by any vendor, with any protocol


New Mission-Critical
Attacks Every Year


Firmitas Solution
Ability to Prevent & Mitigate

The Technology

Firmitas focuses on Operational-Security rather than information or data security.
Firmitas’ ValidiGate is a disruptive solution providing operational assurance and cyber-security for industrial
and mission-critical systems.

Firmitas is an
easy-to-use, graphical
“Industrial Enforcer” generator.

Firmitas protects any
custom communication
as used by your systems
& devices.

Firmitas’ protection suite
enforces only pre-approved