Firmitas’ ValidiGate can protect any system, however we choose to focus on
these industries as we believe focus is the best way to enhance our product and
thereby provide a better solution with better insights.

  • Manufacturing & SCADA/ICS

    Firmitas’ ValidiGate is ideal for
    SCADA/ICS protection. As
    attacks are increasing, preventive
    measures are crucial to ensure
    operational stability and continuity.

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

    Firmitas’ ValidiGate is a preventive
    solution which can enforce pre-
    defined logic and pre-approved
    communication and protect Oil &
    Gas, Electricity, Wind, Water and Utilities.

  • Industrial IoT & Smart Infrastructure

    Firmitas’ ValidiGate is extremely
    flexible and therefore is a perfect
    match for protecting any IoT
    device, platform or system.
    Firmitas can protect both
    software and hardware solutions.

  • Transportation

    The field of transportation is
    very exposed to cyber-attacks,
    while Firmitas is one of the few
    operational cyber-security
    solutions flexible enough to
    match the diversity of trains,
    airplanes and vehicles.

  • Smart Grid & Smart Buildings (BMS)

    BMS is a very fragmented
    market, since each building
    has different systems, by different
    vendors. These use many variants
    of public and propriety protocols.
    Firmitas can protect BMS and
    support any number of variants
    of any protocol.

  • Medical Devices & Healthcare

    The medical world is known
    to have life-saving systems
    connected to internal networks,
    Firmitas can protect these
    devices which are exposed to
    attacks by thousands of devices
    and require offline patching (down-time).