Rami Efrati at cio.com.tw: National
defense mechanisms should cover security

National defense mechanisms should cover security

Rami Efrati has suggested that the government can implement a policy of strengthening the security
capabilities in order to effectively protect the country’s overall security,
as the hacker’s organization has expanded its targets from commercial organizations to infrastructure.
Wen / Lin Yuyang

According to a number of companies involved in the investigation report shows that Taiwan has always been the highest rate of hacker attack countries, not only the extension of the organization from the general extension of the government agencies, but also because of hacker organization attack approach continues to progress, part of the malicious program Can even hide for hundreds of days, resulting in many commercial secrets or national security information was stolen, can not be ignored national security incidents. Such as the beginning of 2013, South Korea has a number of large banks, television stations were APT attacks incident, it was a lot of security experts believe that North Korea hackers launched the attack, coupled with the past Taiwan, the Philippines was killed by fishermen killed the sea Controversy, the two countries hacker organizations attack each other’s government agencies, highlighting the threat of security has become a national security incident can not be ignored.
To this end, the Executive Yuan is scheduled to invest more than 800 million yuan of security budget, scheduled to set up a national military business to prevent the growing threat of security. President Tsai said that the new government was actively integrating security into the concept of national security and integrating it into the existing organizational culture, Cooperation between the ethnic groups, the common fight against the ubiquitous security threat.
Famimitas Cyber ​​Solutions founder Rami Efrati pointed out that the current security incident as early as the escalation of the national security incident, in particular, according to various security reports show that Taiwan has been in the threat of Chinese hackers, but in the past did not seem to see the government pay attention to this situation, So many international security experts are worried about this. Although the Taiwan government has plans to set up the fourth service, but the current implementation of the situation and effectiveness is still unknown, so I hope the government units to implement the policy of strengthening security protection in order to effectively protect the country’s overall security.

Israel encourages innovation to  be worth learning from Taiwan

Israel, which was established in 1948 under the United Nations resolution, is a country with a smaller land area than that of Taiwan and has a population of only about 8.5 million, but it has been threatened by war for a long time since the beginning of the country. To this end, the country has always attached great importance to national defense innovation and technology research and development, such as the United States, France, aid research and development of the young lion fighter, angel missiles, etc., because the performance is excellent, but also to the country in the troubled Middle East, Stable development so far. As the situation in Israel and Taiwan similar to the long-term and Taiwan government units have very close scientific and technological exchanges, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the past in the development of Guanghua missile boats, the number fighters, Treasures and other projects, then go to the country to learn and highlight the country There are many unique in high technology.
In recent years, in order to break through the bottleneck of economic development in Taiwan, Taiwan has been encouraging the development of new industries through various policies. The Executive Yuan has announced the development policy of the five major innovative industries in 2016, hoping to reverse the past, thinking. In contrast, Israel has long been the development of science and technology and encourage innovation industry as a national long-term policy, according to the country’s statistics show that every 1844 Israelis have a person into the road of entrepreneurship, and the country has as many as 282 R & D center , Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and other international technology companies, have come to the country to find the most potential of the target.
Rami Efrati said that Israel ranked first in innovation energy in accordance with the global competitiveness rankings published by IMD (International Institute for Development Development) in 2013, and Israel is also leading the number of new companies in Silicon Valley Other countries, ranking first in the world’s throne. The WEF (World Economic Forum), also in the 2016 ~ 2017 global competitiveness report, Israel will be rated as the second global competitiveness of the company, this outstanding achievement is not a short time can be, but over the years The result of the effort.

Investment in industrial development accounted  for 10% of global output value

Most of the people of Taiwan are not familiar with Israel, but the country because of long-term emphasis on technology applications, to encourage the development of new industries, not only in the defense industry has excellent performance, but also in many new areas have unique technology. To water resources, for example, Israel because nearly half of the land belongs to the desert, so the water is considered difficult to obtain valuable resources, 1 degree water price is about 10 times more than Taiwan, in order to make this natural resources to make full use of many New team invested in water purification for many years, but also gave birth to other countries difficult to look to the back of the water purification technology.
In addition, Israel will further develop the “drip irrigation technology” for agricultural irrigation, that is, the use of pipes directly to the water and fertilizer to the roots of plants, in addition to saving More than 70% of fertilizer and water, but also species of large and sweet fruit. So the country’s greenhouse agriculture is very developed, and 70% of production capacity for export to European countries, agricultural exports in 2015 totaled about 1.355 billion US dollars, accounting for 2.3% of total exports.
While Amazon is actively evaluating the use of UAVs, detonating global consumers’ attention to the development of the industry, while Israel has a number of leading UAV companies on a strong defense and aerospace industry, including Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems , Rafael and Aeronautics, are world-renowned companies, the country has become the world’s largest exporter of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. Not only that, Israel has a very outstanding performance in the field of information technology, including information security, financial finance, action innovation, etc., just more than 250 companies, although most of the start-up, but Checkpoint, Verint, CyberArk And other industry, but it is internationally renowned, widely used by Taiwan’s large companies, the country’s annual export value of more than 2.5 billion US dollars.
Rami Efrati pointed out that Israel has long recognized that security is part of national defense security, so in the active development of the protection of national security, a variety of weapons, but also attach great importance to the development of information security industry, is driving home to promote the private sector is willing to put more Resources in this area. Taiwan’s information technology industry is well developed, the semiconductor industry is the global overlord, but it seems to ignore the importance of information security, if through more comprehensive cooperation with Israel, should help to enhance the overall national security capabilities.

Hackers are ready to  target people’s livelihood

In the Hollywood film Ultimate Detective 4.0, the hacker organization through the destruction of the livelihood of the infrastructure model, in an attempt to cause the public panic in order to obtain high economic benefits. This movie plot actually happened in real life, as early as 2010 in Iran’s first nuclear power plant, the level of the outbreak of Stuxnet worm infection by the incident, although the final survey found that only employees of the computer infected, and did not affect the power The operation of the plant, but has a lot of security experts scared out a cold sweat, but also proved that the hacker organization has long been targeted in a variety of infrastructure, in an attempt to cause the international situation of vibration.
And Israel has long been aware of the seriousness of this matter, so since the concept of the Internet since the formation of the country’s network security experts and engineers will stand on the front line of network defense, developed a variety of creative solutions against cybercrime, The investigation of online fraud, the protection of important basic measures, and the national, urban, commercial and private sector to minimize the network damage. Not only that, the Government of the Government has further established the National Network Center to focus on the academic, public / private sector to coordinate research, development, legislation and related preparedness measures to strengthen the protection of the country’s business, industry and public sector. Hackers, cybercrime and attacks are minimized.
Rami Efrati explained that hacker organizations invaded the people’s livelihood or government agencies have long ago, such as 2012, Iranian hackers had to Shammon malicious program to attack Saudi Aramco, eventually leading to more than 30,000 computers infected, and even A number of banks in the United States launched an attack. The most recent recent event was the Central Bank of Bangladesh in February 2016, which was stolen by $ 81 million as a result of hacking into malware in the Federal Reserve Bank account in New York. And almost at the same time, Taiwan’s first bank also occurred ATM was invaded, up to tens of millions of NT dollars was brought, even though the final police successfully solve the case, obviously there is no nationality of the security incident points.

Taiwan ‘s lack of  awareness of security threat to the overall national security

In order to protect national security, Taiwan’s national defense strategy in addition to procurement of weapons, but also continue to invest in cutting-edge defense technology research and development, although the long-term good results, but with the advent of innovative information technology, and the advent of Internet of Things, this The traditional protection strategy has been outdated. In the era of all things are connected, the war between the two countries is not entirely need to rely on traditional weapons, as long as the malicious programs implanted in transport facilities, power plants and other livelihood facilities, you can paralyze the normal operation of a country. Such as the Sun Tzu said in the art of war, so good use of soldiers who, but not the war of the soldiers also; pull the city rather than attack also; destroyed the country and long time also.
“Taiwan will hold a presidential election every four years and will only be able to achieve the purpose of manipulating the results of the election,” Rami Efrati said. “This situation is not empty, and many companies have pointed out that during the election period , Observed that many media and political parties were attacked by hackers, such as part of the site has been shut down, but also continue to break out of commercial secrets to steal the incident, although the final did not affect the presidential election, but the Taiwan authorities should pay attention The seriousness of the matter. “

Immediate analysis of time difference caused by infrastructure downtime 

Facing the ubiquitous threat of security, many security industry claims that can be resolved through a huge amount of data tools to prevent APT attacks occurred. The principle of this protection mechanism is distributed through the end of the world in the collection of equipment, and then sent to the cloud platform for analysis, when aware of the packet in a suspicious security threat, and then notify the endpoint device to block, Put an end to the purpose of malicious program invasion. But the protection strategy is still flawed, because it still takes several hours to detect the new type of security threat, and this will be a short period of time will be difficult to indulge the national security damage.
Rami Efrati said: “When the livelihood of the infrastructure without warning shut down 4 hours, for any country will have a great impact and impact.To this end, Firmitas Cyber ​​Solutions does not use huge amounts of data tools, and the protection of the city installed in the power plant , The transport system, and the use of white list to monitor the operation of the application to achieve the purpose of eliminating malicious programs, the system has been widely used in Israel, we hope to be able to introduce the system to the Taiwan public sector to use. “
However, Rami Efrati suggested that the whole government must pay attention to the security of information and implement the previously established strategy of establishing the fourth service in order to effectively protect Taiwan’s overall national defense and security, and it is not necessary to completely eliminate the attacking behavior of hackers.